Improved access to healthcare services for Wellington CBD residents and workers

A new incubation hub for healthcare clinics is now open at level 5, 49 Boulcott Street, Wellington Central. The new co-working and sub-letting space offers healthcare practitioners the opportunity to open their clinic on a casual basis, or regularly from 1 to 5 days per week. As a result, inner-city workers and residents will have access to a wider range of medical and allied healthcare services at a convenient location. 

ClinicalSpaces is an innovative practitioner and patient service model created by Wellington local, Ear Health clinic owner Stephen Petty and business partner Marcus Chadwick. 

“It’s perfect for medical or allied health professionals who are looking to establish their practice in a central location in Wellington. Starting or scaling any business is a challenge, particularly with the usual overheads of leasing a space, purchasing equipment and paying for administration staff like reception services. ClinicalSpaces lowers the barrier to entry for medical and allied health professional by saving time and money,” said Stephen.

Marcus, a healthcare business consultant, jumped on board as Marketing Director for ClinicalSpaces as soon he learned about the intentions of the project.

“Building healthier communities starts with better access to healthcare services. Creating better healthcare services and experiences for patients through organising and incubating a community of like-minded practitioners is the ultimate goal.

At ClinicalSpaces there is a focus on sharing ideas, growing and innovating together. It’s a common space where medical and allied health professionals from diverse backgrounds and areas of practice can meet and discuss their challenges, successes and discoveries. The future of healthcare requires collaboration and an improved understanding of patient needs to enhance continuity of care and health outcomes for our communities,” said Marcus.

With a combined experience of 23 years in the healthcare industry, Stephen and Marcus are well placed to deliver on their promise to bring together a variety of healthcare professionals under one roof and provide them with access to services and resources they need to create and grow their clinics. With the health and wellbeing of the inner-city people of Wellington as a key beneficiary.

Stephen is a 9 year veteran of Ear Health and has successfully managed and grown his healthcare practice in Wellington CBD. More recently Stephen studied a Master of Business Administration at Victoria University of Wellington with a particular interest in strategic human resources in the healthcare setting. Engaging practitioners and patients alike with exemplary service has long been the driving force behind Stephen’s success.

Marcus has worked with national and international healthcare organisations across Australia and New Zealand, such as the Heart Foundation, Siemens and Ear Health. Connecting patients with better access to healthcare services through improved technology and communications have been the focus of his career.

If you are interested in starting or expanding your healthcare business but unsure where to start, it might be worth paying a visit to ClinicalSpaces.

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